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Ice Cream: A Tarlton Tradition

In 1963, Della and Walter Fox started a small ice cream shop in Tarlton, Ohio. The shop gained substantial popularity when Bill Durgin took over and it became "Durgin's Place" in 1980. Expanding to serve a large variety of hand-dipped ice cream, specialty ice cream sundaes as well as pizza, subs/sandwiches and carry out meals, Durgin's drew customers from all over Central Ohio. Although Durgin's Place exists no longer, Crosstown Creamery & Diner strives to become a similar staple for locals and draw loyal customers from all over Ohio!

Early Beginnings: Tarlton a First Settlement

Probably the first settlement in Pickaway County, Tarlton was settled in 1801 as Newellstown. It is thought that the community was later named for British Cavalry Commander Sir Banastre Tarleton. According to newspapers it was a pretty prestigious town boasting of a couple sawmills, train depot, five churches, a few general stores and several area schools.

A Route from the Start: Zane's Trail

The famous Zane's Trace passed through Tarlton and was the major route between Maysville, Kentucky and the Wheeling, West Virginia (which at that time was part of the State of Virginia).

Rich History: Cross Mound

Nearby Tarlton, just west of Salt Creek, is a unique, ancient earthwork called Cross Mound. Although very little is known about who constructed it or its purpose, it is thought to have been built by the pre-Columbian Mound Builders. Click here, to learn more about how to visit Cross Mound Park.